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Heather and Rex were married on June 3rd, with a ceremony at CW Moore Park in downtown Boise and a reception at County Line Brewing.

Have I mentioned how much I love weddings?! It’s amazing how after hundreds and hundreds of years, after millions and millions of weddings on Planet Earth, not one is the same. Each couple has their own story, their own personalities and their own flair. My second shooter, Debbie Brown, my good friend and owner of Brown Studios  and I loved being part of this truly unique experience!

Heather and Rex’s “Flair”

Besides being simply fabulous souls, Heather and Rex are perfect examples of how love can surprise you. It can come unexpectedly, especially when we think we have everything planned out. 

Neither one of them was really planning on getting married—ever. It just wasn’t in their plans, for their own reasons. But then they met at 10 Barrel, a local restaurant, and just “happened upon each other,” as they tell people who ask for their love story. ;) They were waiting for separate parties, thinking this would be a normal evening—and then instead, they met the loves of their lives!

Their love story unfolded beautifully from there; traveling the world together, hanging out at home, and enjoying their time with their two border collie mixes, Thor and Ellie. These are my kind of people, and my kind of surprise love story!

Heather and Rex’s Unique Focus

Heather and Rex didn’t want to do many of the traditional wedding events. They didn’t have a DJ, a first dance, a cake-cutting, or an epic dance party—though they did keep to the “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” tradition. But everything else was focused on making the day a celebration of life and love not only for their union but for their closest family and friends. It was a simple, beautiful focus. They made sure everyone there knew how much they were loved and how much it meant that they were there. What an amazing sentiment!

Heather and Rex’s Spontaneity

While we were taking couples’ photos around the streets of Boise, a car pulled over, and two young men jumped out asking if they could interview Heather and Rex. I mean, why not? We can take a break from photos. ;) 

It turns out, the young men were on a scavenger hunt, and one of the things on the list was finding a couple and asking how they met. I’d say they scored pretty well talking with a couple on their wedding day about to say “I do!” It was a fun moment for all of us as Heather and Rex got to tell the story of their unplanned meeting, and a good laugh ahead of the culmination of their love story.

My quote for this couple:

"You were an unexpected surprise, the defining moment. The collision of stars that slammed into me hard and sent my neat little world plummeting into the ocean. I never expected it to be you, you know? But it is you. It's all you. And now there is no looking back." -Beau Taplin/ The Defining Moment

Rex & Heather, I'm so happy you two "happened upon" each other. Cheers to a life full of adventures together and never looking back!


Hair Stylist - Shay Marbry with Salon Chic
Wedding Dress - LaNeige--Sottero & Midgely
Getting Ready Location - The Inn at 500