My approach – Am I right for you?

My style is really a hybrid. I have so many inspirations that come from many different places and I try to implement them in my images.  I love the raw, real emotion of photojournalism, and at the same time desire to make you look cover-of-Vogue amazing. In short, my style is something I like to call “directed photojournalism”. I believe in beautiful natural lighting, incredible backgrounds and choosing locations very carefully.  As far as my photojournalistic side – I never interrupt a moment. I never pose situations that are already so magical on their own.  I am an observer most of the time with very limited intrusion only when it is desired to achieve an artistic vision. Ninety percent of my images are completely natural and un-posed. Any posed photos (beyond family photos) are simple “directed” natural moments.

We love your style but would love to have some traditional portraiture.  Is this something you do?

I do traditional portraiture at most of my weddings.  Even the most modern brides still want the heirlooms that family and wedding party portraiture creates. I do not, however conduct portrait session in a traditional way. Instead, they are very loose, fun, and show off your personality.  I will spend about 90 minutes on any posed photographs out of a typical 8 hour day.

How & When will I receive my photos? 

My goal is to make sure that you receive the best final product I can give you, which takes a little time and lots of coffee and sometimes a few eye-drops as well 😉 Though I want to get them back to you as soon as possible, because I know you will be chomping at the bit to see them, I know I get it, I was a bride too.  But these are what you have for the rest of your life, to relive your moments, to share and to pass on to future generations.  My typical turnaround time is between 4-6 weeks.  During my high season (June - October), it's usually about 8 weeks and in my contract it states 90 days (which is mainly for that rainy day should it hit, sometimes there is need for extra cushion time)

How many photos will I get? 

There is no exact number, as I spend the entire day shooting and going with the moment.  But the best general amount is 80 images per hour of shooting.  For example, if I am at your wedding for 8 hours you will end up with around 650 handpicked and beautiful edited images.

Will I receive prints? 

Prints may be added to any package, though most of my packages do not included them.  There is an option to purchase prints from your personal wedding website, which is usually the best way for your family and friends to grab a few of their favorites. There is also an option to add on a set of 4x6 prints of your favorite images and they are presented in a gorgeous keepsake wooden box.

Will I receive a print release?

Yes!  With each package, I provide a personal website for viewing and sharing.  When you receive your website, you will also have the option of downloading the high-resolution images individually or as the entire event.  Once you have downloaded any of the images you will receive a print release via e-mail so that you can print to your hearts content for personal printing. They make the best gifts!!

Do you do destination weddings?

Live for them. Love them. Adore them.  Can’t wait to be a part of yours!! All that to say, yes, yes, I do.  I have always loved to travel.  I’ve been very fortunate to see many corners of our world and it’s even more delightful when I can add capturing people’s most special occasions.  Destination wedding photography is a favorite of mine, give me a call an we can talk about details!

Will there be a second shooter?

That all depends on you.  I have been shooting weddings for over a decade and I would say I have shot about 65% of them on my own and have always felt very confident in my ability to move around and seek out the most important moments that tell the story of your day.  One of the greatest compliments I get after a wedding is “you seemed to be everywhere all at once.”  It’s my job to be fully present, to be in the moment with you and make sure your dream day is well documented.  However, I have second shooters with me frequently and it’s a terrific addition to the day.  It often depends on the size of your wedding or if you are wanting to add on something like a Photo Booth to your wedding package.  My second shooter are all professional, friendly, and super fun!!

Where do you live?!

This is a great question and one that I get frequently😊 Hence, why I am answering it here! It is a little confusing. I’ve got two phone numbers and you might recognize places from Washington and Idaho in my images.  I am currently based out of Boise, Idaho and have lived here now for 8 years.  But I am Washington raised and my entire family still lives in the Wenatchee Valley.  So I feel like I have two homes!  I frequently travel to Washington for weddings and to visit my family. I started my photography business in Washington and have many connections in the area, so there is a good chance you heard about me from one of the venues or other local vendors.  If you are from Washington and are considering my photography be rest assured that travel is not an issue (I do it all the time – I know the drive like the back of my hand!) I also don’t charge you my travel fees if you are getting married in the Wenatchee/Leavenworth area.  Score! 

If you are from the Boise area, even easier – I live right down the road in Meridian, ID. 

How many hours do you suggest for a wedding?

This all depends on the details of your wedding and this would be a great topic to chat about over the phone to make sure you get the coverage that is best for your dreams and plans for your big day.  However, as a general rule, if you are having a wedding size around 100-150+ guests, wedding party 3-6 people on each side, and have several family members I would recommend 8 hours of coverage.  With 8 hours you can feel comfortable and confident in knowing that all your moments and list of shots are getting covered, without feeling rushed or worried that you might not get it all in.  Which of course is the last thing you want to feel on your wedding day.  You want to enjoy, relax, and leave stress at the door.  If you are looking at a tighter budget, 5 hours of coverage would be great for covering the shots of the bride and groom, wedding party, family and ceremony with just a bit of time left over for the reception.