Eric and Thuy were married on July 8th, with a ceremony and reception at Mountain Springs Lodge in Leavenworth, Washington.


The Lodge


I’ve shot at Mountain Springs Lodge for years now. I’d say I have captured at least 60+ weddings at this venue. And yet, what’s amazing is that it NEVER gets old or disappoints! With a stunning backdrop of the Cascade Mountains, many rustic lodges, ponds, horses, barns, bridges, etc., there are endless possibilities for fun and photography.


As I really sat back to think about why I haven’t “gotten bored” with the venue, or why 15 years at this job hasn’t left me wanting more… I realized it was because of the people I get to work with. Every couple brings a unique personality, a beautiful love story, a different family dynamic, an added flare for design, and details that make each wedding feel new and exciting. 


I love this most about what I do; it’s what defines my style as a photographer. My goal is to capture YOU, just as you are, even when you’re all dressed up and fancified. You’re still YOU underneath it all, and that’s what I’m trying to preserve in my photography. And because of that, it never, ever gets boring. In fact, it gets thrilling, more heart-cup-filling every time I am part of these special moments. 


Commitment to Tradition


The things that stuck out most to me about Eric and Thuy were their kindness, Thuy’s extra bubbly personality (she’s only 4’9” but her personality is 6 feet tall!), and their commitment to tradition.


Although they wanted to have a more “American style” wedding, they still kept to Vietnamese tradition to celebrate their heritage. They both wore traditional Vietnamese wedding attire called Ao Dai, which is typically brightly-colored to symbolize happiness and good fortune. 


I also admired the tradition in which they went around to each guest table to share a personal toast, with the bride and groom toasting the guests in appreciation of them coming to the celebration rather than the American tradition of the bride and groom at the front with a handful of people toasting them. In a wedding filled mostly with family members, this tradition was so warm and touching. 


Groomsmen Brothers


My second shooter, Erin Crespo  and I loved capturing these 4 very cool dudes. You don’t always get to have a groomsmen side of the wedding party full of brothers, but this time around, we had a blast capturing the brotherly love, silliness, and, well… boys just being boys. Since I am raising two little boys myself, I have a special place in my heart for watching brothers together. I completely bow down to their mom and the fact that she is still sane after raising 4 boys! Oh my! ;) She did an amazing job!


Photo Booth


For this wedding, I got to do something a little different—and I’m pretty darn excited about it: a photo booth!! Oh my goodness, if you want to add an extra level of BLAST to your wedding, have a photo booth. This is a great way to get those extra guest photos that you might not always get when you just have regular photography for the day. That way, you get a little more of the “true” personality of your guests coming out in these photos, so I HIGHLY recommend it!


We kept a clean white backdrop up so that all the personality and fun could shine in these photos. The guests, wedding party, and bride and groom (and okay, maybe me too!) had so much fun playing with props and just being silly. 


My Quote for This Couple:


" The goal of life should not be to find joy in marriage, but to bring more joy and truth into the world. We marry to assist each other in this task." - Leo Tolstoy


I feel like you two are reaching for this goal, and I believe you will bring it to the world with your union! Thank you for letting me be just a small part of your joy and love. I wish you two the very best in this new chapter in your lives together.





Venue - Mt. Springs Lodge

Florist - Full Bloom Flowers (Pam McNeill)