McKayle and Jason were married on April 8th, with a ceremony and reception at Barber Park in Boise, Idaho.

These two lovebirds met while they were on a short-term internship for a mission mobilization called Mexico Caravan Ministries. For nine months, they worked alongside each other, but funnily enough, they actually didn’t like each other much at first. However time seems to have it's way of working and they gradually fell for each other while serving in a difficult environment.

Once the mission was over, however, they realized that they had one more obstacle to overcome in their relationship: the distance. Jason and McKayle are from opposite ends of the United States; he grew up in Pittsburg, and she was from Nampa, Idaho. But the distance didn’t seem to matter to them, not with the full-on hearts in their eyes! They made it work for months, traveling back and forth to see each other. And on one of those trips, Jason surprised McKayle on Thanksgiving by showing up—and popping the question!

Their wedding itself was nothing short of beautiful, sweet, authentic love. Their commitment and faith to God and each other was so strong and you could feel it all day. It was a perfect celebration of their friendship, their strength, and everything that led them to that moment.

There was a little adventure on the special day as well—a first for me, which is amazing to say after hundreds of weddings and 15 years of photography. The wedding ceremony started out just like any other, with the parents and grandparents all seated . . . when all of a sudden, everyone heard a screeching sound and a loud bang that sounded like a car accident in the parking lot! Several of the guests jumped from their seats and rushed to help the victims of the accident. Thankfully, everyone was okay, but can you imagine as a bride watching half of your guests leap from their seats and take off running right before you walk down the aisle? Sweet McKayle held it together well, and once we made sure everyone was safe, we all went back to the beautiful ceremony filled with laughter and tears.


No matter the adventure that comes your way, Jason and McKayle, I know that you will take it on together, with God leading the way. Many blessings to you both!!


As always, a huge thank you to all of the vendors who put in the honest time and effort for this wedding:

Cakes:   Melesha London (Family friend) 

Florist:  Kyla Beutler Floral Artistry

Wedding Day Coordinator:  Kelly Jackson (Family Friend)

Decorator:  Heather Benzel (Family Friend)