"Maija was just the best. My husband and I weren't super keen on posing and taking photos, but she made everything feel so relaxed that it was easy and enjoyable! She made us laugh and put up with our families, and even got tons of photos of our dogs that we love! At one point it was so warm out that she actually fanned my dress out to cool me down! Can't do much better than that! Realistically speaking, I also found her pricing incredibly reasonable for what we got out of the service. And although she gave herself 3 months to finish our photos, they were actually done even quicker! Couldn't be happier to recommend Maija to anyone who wants beautiful photos taken in a fun and relaxing environment."

-Taylor & Stephen


Taylor and Stephen were married on May 12th, with a ceremony and reception at the Sleeping Lady Resort

Taylor and Stephen’s Sleeping Lady Wedding

All weddings are magical in their own way; that’s why weddings have my heart and why I love photographing every new love story. So this time, rather than focusing on every last wedding moment that took place, I want to focus on the two hearts who are now woven together. After all, that’s the whole point: the love story! (And let’s face it; we just want to get straight to the photos anyway. ;) )

Taylor and Stephen are animal lovers, to say the least. They have a perfect little family farm: two dogs, two cats, six chickens, and a duck! In addition to filling their home with these beautiful little creatures, they are both veterinarians. It was extra fun to have their two dogs at the wedding. Their pup’s face during the wedding ceremony will always be one of my favorites—it’s a classic expression of how very warm it was! I even spent some of my time helping to fan Taylor’s dress to try to cool her down. :)

While Taylor and Stephen are looking ahead at all the adventures they’re set to have together as a married couple, they’ve already had plenty of fun together. I loved hearing all about their adventures, big and small—from the fact that Taylor’s ribs touch her hips to the fact that Stephen ran with the bulls in Pamplona. They’ve traveled to beautiful places like Switzerland and Norway (ya sure, ya betcha!) and love noshing down on Red Vines and Big Hunk while watching a good comedy together. 

Here is my quote for you: 

"Life is not about gazing into each other's eyes; it's about, together, gazing out at the world!" -Stewart Emery

Taylor and Stephen, thank you for sharing your caring, relaxed, and silly side with me on your special day! May you two continue to both gaze into each other's eyes (because that's important to do sometimes) and gaze upon many other magical, adventurous places together!!


Venue - Sleeping Lady Resort

Band - Free Rain www.freerainrocks.com

Make-up -Erin Roussell Makeup 

Hair -Annie Fisher Hair

Wedding Dress-I Do Bridal in Greenwood

Groom's Suit -Black Tux Rental