Cami and Vic were married at a private residence in Bruneau, Idaho, with a reception at the Legion Hall. 

These two are genuine, empathetic, heartwarming people! From the moment I met them, I wanted to pour my heart out to them. They made me feel so comfortable and open to be ME, and I could feel the flood gates opening! These are the kind of people I seek out and adore working with!!

Cami and Vic’s Intimate Bruneau Wedding

Their wedding was filled with family history that spanned decades upon decades. This was a long-awaited dream, a love that began in young hearts and stayed through periods of separation until they finally reached their wedding day. It was a perfectly quaint, sweet, and 100% up my alley kind of wedding. 

On top of their amazing love, there was also so much creativity and fun! From the family llama to the perfectly pink oversized balloons, a bingo game, and a solo guitarist marching with us from the ceremony to the reception site… everything about this wedding made me smile. We rounded out their beautiful celebration with a solid wind gust storm, which we could only laugh about!

Vic & Cami, thank you so much for sharing your genuine hearts and love for each other with me! I truly enjoyed being around you both and being your wedding photographer.

my quote for cami and Vic

I know it's a little sappy, but I pull it from the Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. I feel like your love for each other is wrapped up in these words. 

"You are every reason, every hope, and every dream I've ever had and no matter what happens to us in the future, every day we were together was the greatest day of my life!" 

Boise Wedding Photography

On a completely different note, I managed to win the award for “Boise’s Top 35 Blogs.” I honestly had no clue I was in the running. Ha! I’ve just been doing a fairly diligent job of posting regularly, have quality content, traffic to my blog has been pretty sweet, and I’ve been posting for a while. 

Of course, there are few awards that can be won on the backs of one man (or woman, in my case). Thanks to my little elf helpers at Fotoskribe, I’ve been able to accomplish this task. It takes a team, a tribe, and those who support you to make victory happen. I have so many people in my corner, but for now, I wanted to give a high five to my blog helpers. Thanks, Fotoskribe for being my shoulders to stand on!

cami and vic's rave - the kindest words

"Worth every single penny…

I get it. When planning a wedding, budgeting is a real thing. There are places to cut corners; photography is not one of them. My dear friend was married last year, and I was a bridesmaid. Let me be clear; I HATE having my picture taken. I don’t like to pose, and I feel awkward in front of the camera. I never feel particularly pretty. Maija was the photographer for my girlfriend’s wedding. What I remembered was how Maija was approachable, professional, and not intrusive whatsoever (very ninja-like). She made the event fun! Now, here comes the crucial part. When I saw my girlfriend’s wedding pictures, I was blown away. Maija is a true artist. She captures moments that you don’t realize are taking place. She captures intimacies, emotions, and the environment in a way that makes you want to hang each picture because it has meaning in a moment that resonates with you on a profound level. Plus, she captures beauty in a humble and genuine way. I LOVED THESE PICTURES! All these reasons are why we chose Maija as our photographer for our wedding day. 

What Maija managed to capture in our wedding photos - the moments, the expressions, the emotions, the multi-generations of our families, and the prideful and protective Bruneau-house llama, became the most precious mementos to not only me and my husband, but to our entire family. We were moved, impressed, and in awe of her work. Maija made the experience fun and comfortable. I have opened and reopened the link to our wedding photos a hundred times and am delighted every time. My husband and I are both impressed with her attention to detail from beginning to end: from the wedding gift, to the engraved UBS stick, to her thoughtful cards. We are grateful that we hired Maija to capture our special day and provide us with many moments to come of opportunities to reminisce, laugh, cry, and celebrate our family, friends, and most importantly, our love for each other and for all those amazing people we were honored to celebrate with, which includes Maija. You won’t be sorry. You will be filled with gratitude and thrilled you chose Maija."

-Cami and Vic