It’s a funny story how I ended up in Italy shooting a wedding from one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever had the opportunity of working with.  I think just about every wedding photographer out their dreams of shooting weddings abroad and I’d say Italy is pretty high on that list.  It certainly was for me! But Natalie and Logan didn’t originally reach out to me about shooting their wedding in Italy, because they were getting married in Leavenworth, Washington (another breathtaking location!). We talked out the details and they booked me for their wedding.  None of us knew the tides were going to shift and blow us all into another country for their wedding day.  But that’s exactly what happened.  I got a message from Natalie several months after they booked me to tell me they had to cancel their wedding because Logan was going to be deployed overseas.  Originally, we were going to call the whole thing off – at least the part where I’m photographing their wedding. And THEN she said, “we are considering moving our wedding to Italy so if it happens and you feel an Italian trip in your future let me know.” I basically fell on the floor after reading that!  My response was “Is that even a question?! Yes, please!!” 

Natalie and Logan’s Italian Wedding

I had always wanted to travel to Italy. A bucket list item, I suppose.  But to shoot a wedding there was most definitely beyond what I had dreamed. Planning out a destination wedding in another country wasn’t a straight forward process. It took a while to hammer out dates and find a venue, and we crossed our fingers and prayed a lot. I think Natalie and I chatted back and forth for almost 4 months before we finally came to the wedding date and it’s official I’m going to Italy!! 

It was 1000% worth the wait, plus Natalie has a heart of gold and made it easy to chat with…. we became “pen pals,” so to speak.  Though we did it all through FaceBook, it was pages upon pages of wedding planning and communication. 

I will be writing about my journeys through Italy with my husband in another post, for now I want to keep focused on the important part which is the marriage of Natalie and Logan!!  

Tuscany Wedding Photography

It was a hot late summer day, and gorgeous.  We arrived at the venue hours before starting to shoot.  I wanted to get a feel for the historical venue of Castelvecchi in the heart of Tuscany.  I don’t think my heart rate dipped down below about 120 the whole time, a little fast for someone who’s not exercising.  I was over the moon excited, and quite frankly, nervous.  

This was a big deal.  Every wedding is a big deal, but this took it up a notch for me being in a foreign country and never seeing the venue other than in images online.  I knew I could handle it, I knew I would go into my photographer groove and just know what to do.  But the one thing that is always consistent with weddings is they are inconsistent.  

Like life.  

There is a general plan, yet always a chance for a hiccup.  My husband and I enjoyed a nice early lunch at their court yard restaurant before the races started for the day.  With traditional Italian pasta and a small glass of red wine in my belly, I was ready to go!! 

We started the day grabbing some details around Castelvecchi, hanging the dress off old bricks draped in lush green vines that could tell stories for days, capturing the farm style table scape prepared for dinner, the endless landscape that made up the venue and the rolling hills beyond.  There was so much to take in. I wish we could have had the whole week just to photograph Natalie & Logan, and their loved ones all throughout breathtaking place.  

We went from getting ready photos filled with laughter and anticipation, to Logan & Natalie seeing each other for the first time.  They shared letters they had written; this moment was one of my favorites – what am I saying the whole stinking day was my favorite!  But it was incredibly sweet and something I highly recommend to all my couples.  Sharing those intimate moments is what you will remember.  Not if your cake melted a little in the sun, or you got some dirt along the rim of the bottom of your dress, or the groomsmen have mismatched socks. It’s the heartfelt notes, seeing each other for the first time, committing the rest of your lives to each other, and all those who came to lift you up and celebrate with you on such a special occasion.  

Natalie and Logan’s day fully embraced all these things.  I could go on and on about every last detail, but I know you really just want to get onto the photos.  I can’t help but over post this wedding.  It was magical, enchanting, and absolute stunning.  

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Natalie and Logan for choosing me.  For trusting me enough to bring me along on your adventures in Italy (and for inviting my husband too!). For becoming new friends! And for all the love you have shown since your wedding day. 

My quote for you two: 

“One way to make the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.” – William Feather

I believe you two are already doing this and your life will continue to be enchanting because of it!! Keep adventure in your sight and love in your heart and you will always have joy.  I suppose that is my own quote! Much love to you. 

Destination Wedding Photography

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Venue - Borgo Castelvecchi

Photographer - Maija Karin Photography

Catering - Castelvecchi - Restaurant

Wedding Dress- Atelier Eme in Verona, Italy.

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