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She truly puts her heart and soul into what she does!

"Maija Karin Photography – No words can express how perfect she made our wedding!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH hahahahahahha I scream with honest excitement every time I think about it. Pictures are EVERYTHING to me! What she doesn’t know is that we had a photographer and I came across some of her pictures online. I decided why not call. Instant LOVE! She had to be ours! The next time chatting, with of course wine, I was even more excited. Words cannot begin to describe the personal and emotional connection we made. Just look at our wedding photos! Everyone talks about how magical our wedding was and how our photographer truly was able to capture it. My Mom told me it was like we were best friends for years! She came up with photos and captured details that I have seen no other photographer do (I work for a wedding planner as a side job). 
Her added touches are so special. She truly puts her heart and soul into what she does. She is beyond the total package. I don’t just say these things, I truly mean them. We all fell in love with her and her work. When you get married it is a blur and to be able to look back at pictures and truly relive it all because of the photos, is more than I thought would ever happen. She captured our love, our emotion, my craziness and my baby girl Bella (My dog) perfectly. She took the things and people we love and made a breathtaking story for us. Ryan and I have already told her she is not leaving our lives and cannot wait to have her capture more events in our lives. She came in as our wedding photographer, but has become so much more to us, our families and our hearts! Without a doubt, Maija will be the ONLY photographer that I recommend. She will exceed and keep exceeding your expectations. AHHHHHHHHHHHH she is remarkable inside and out! "