Salt of the Earth

Emily and Brent are what I would call “salt of the earth” people. From the moment I met them, they were 100% authentic, with a fundamental goodness about them that makes you feel instantly comfortable around them. I get the most vibrant, don’t-take-themselves-too-seriously, fun-loving, laughter-filled couples—and Emily and Brent were all of those things and more.

They found out about me through the grapevine, but when we met, somehow, it felt like we’d known each other far longer. As I spent more time with Emily and Brent during our meeting and then over email and phone calls, I couldn’t stop feeling like I was part of the family. 

There is Love in the Details

Emily delighted in the wedding planning process, and Brent was genuinely along for the ride. Not because he couldn’t wait to plan the next detail (haha), but because he loved watching Emily light up. So, be ready for lots and lots of detail photos in this post!

I truly don’t think I’ve ever seen so many amazing details at one wedding. Emily is magic that way! During the ceremony, it came up that Emily’s name means “industrious,” and the details at the wedding showed just how insanely creative and well-planned-out she is. Every corner dripped with personal touches.

She also took the time to make personalized patches for the inside of the fathers’ ties, a patch for Brent’s vest, personalized pocket watches, and a bouquet with fabric flowers and stunning pins. Even the Port-a-Potty area was decorated as if we were in a swanky hotel! I mean, hello, who does that? My fabulous husband, Elijah Effinger, and I couldn’t take enough detail photos to capture it all!

What made all the details truly special, though, was that they showed all the love that surrounded these two. It takes some amazing friends to pull this off!

My quote for the couple: 

"Living consciously involves being genuine; it involves listening and responding to others honestly and openly; it involves being in the moment" - Sydney Poitier

Emily & Brent, you are living genuinely!! I felt it from the first time we met, throughout your whole day, and even in our post wedding communication. I am extremely thankful our paths aligned. I wish you two nothing but all the joy in the world—you deserve it! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for inviting me to celebrate with you, laugh with you, and be a part of your memories :)


Kind words from Emily & Brent: 

"Maija is amazing! There are not adequate words to justly describe her talent. Choosing our wedding photographer was probably the biggest decision we made through the whole process (even more than finding the right dress). You spend almost as much time with your photographer as you do with your beloved, and these are the memories that will hang in your house for a lifetime. 

Maija is wonderful to work with! She’s incredibly organized, and available whenever you need, leading up to the day, and the day of, she was able to blend in seamlessly like part of the family. But those traits are just a bonus to the incredible quality of photos she takes. She has that ‘it’ factor! She sees things in a way others don’t and manages to capture light in a way that can’t be taught. 

She is truly marvelous!"


Wedding Coordinator - Cara Goedeking

Cake - Greg Marsh Designer Cakes

Make-up - Salon Apothecary (Lindsey Bolton)

Hair - Salon Apothecary (Jen Brown)

Rentals - Event Rent & Blush Creek

Catering - Goodwood

Wedding dress - David's Bridal