Sunny and Burton were married on September 3rd, with a ceremony and reception at the Jug Mountain Ranch.

Cowboy meets Elegant Soiree

Sunny and Burton pulled together a STUNNING wedding soiree. It was white runner elegant meets cowboy boots; long tail suit jackets meet high class jeans. It was the perfect marriage of two people who have a style all their own and want to showcase both sides.

Sunny’s dress was custom-made by LaNeige Bridal and couldn’t have been more beautifully suited to her graceful presence. The arbor was laced with purple calla lilies, the bouquet was off the charts and one of the most unique pieces of art I have seen, and there were belt buckles, pearls, and guests wearing hats with timeless character. What more could a photographer ask for?

The Boat House

One of my favorite parts of the day was when we headed to the boat house. Some special friends of Sunny and Burton invited them to use their gorgeous property to finish getting ready and to take some of the best portraits of the day. I admit; when we arrived, my jaw might have dropped a little. Hello, amazing!! We were right on the lake in McCall, Idaho, with sweeping views of the lake and surrounding mountains, so we had plenty to play with!!

We took photos on the lawn, on the dock, and on top of the boat house itself. Yes, Sunny was bold and beautiful as she scaled up the ladder without hesitation. I love when I have brides willing to go on adventures with me; it makes for the best photos and a whole heck of a lot of fun. They posed, laughed, even jumped—this kind of thing makes my photographer heart very happy. :)

A Hot Day

For early September, it was a bit of a scorcher (95 degrees, to be exact!). You never know what you are going to get this time of year, but we sure got the heat. The ceremony was at mid-day—you know, the hottest part of the day!—so the sweat was dripping, and we all got a bit of a summer tan. (Not that I’m complaining about that part.) But even with the heat, there were endless smiles, and so much laughter and joy.

The First Dance

A bride and groom’s first dance is always special, but when you can dance like Sunny and Burton, it can be downright epic. Burton asked Sunny to dance from off to the side of the dance floor and walked her to the middle with grace. They placed their hands in the perfect ballroom dance position and then flowed across the dance floor with elegance and huge smiles. They twirled, looked lovingly into each other’s eyes, and ended with a dip and a kiss. Now, that’s how you have a first dance!!

My quote for Sunny and Burton: 

"Life is all about being crazy, being silly, being happy, being sad, being adventurous together with someone you really love" - Unknown

Sunny & Burton, I feel like you two displayed these things in the short time I got to be with you, but more than that, I wish these things for your marriage—because these things (and more) are what it's all about. You are embarking on a new adventure together, with so many things to explore together. You are each other's witness to the rest of your lives! Enjoy every moment!


Venue - Jug Mountain Ranch 

Coordinator - Jo Conn 

Catering - Jug Mountain Ranch 

Florals - Edwards Greenhouse

Party Rentals - Tates Rents

Hair and Make-up - Third Street Salon (Darla) 

DJ - Dayna Kunkel 

Wedding Dress - LaNeige Bridal -  Custom made dress

Brides Maid's Dress- David's Bridal

Groomsmen - Men's Warehouse

Second Shooter - Debbie Brown - Owner of Brown Studios - (she is also one of my good and treasured friends)