Katie and Darcy were married on August 26th, with a ceremony and reception at the Sunshine Ranch in Wenatchee, Washington.


Photographer Proposal

Katie and Darcy actually semi-proposed to me when they asked me to be their photographer. :) They contacted me earlier in the year the traditional way—by filling out my contact form and chatting over email and phone. But when all was said and done, the final decision was made almost like a proposal, with a final email that read: “Maija, will you be our wedding photographer?!”

Of course, I promptly replied, “Yes, Yes, I will!” All that was missing was the in-person, down-on-one-knee question, complete with me jumping up and down with spastic excitement. 

I love when things start out with this kind of energy; it makes for an amazing connection with my couples, and that’s what makes it all work. The connection and the genuine love and friendship is where the magic is, so right from the start, I knew that Katie and Darcy and I were going to do great things together.

Animal Lovers to the Core

Katie and Darcy love animals, and Katie in particular comes by it VERY honestly, since she’s a certified veterinary technician for a nonprofit organization. She’s such a smarty pants. That was my childhood dream, but then the reality set in for me of how much you have to learn and know, and I veered toward photography. I still think we found our perfect paths, though!

These two also have two beautiful dogs that are the polar opposites of each other on the dog spectrum. One is a gorgeous Husky and the other a darling white Pomeranian. And, of course, because they were part of the family, we weren’t going to leave them out of the celebrations! 

One of my favorite family photo moments was when we were getting shots of the four of them together. It really is like trying to take pictures with kiddos and their parents, trying to get everyone to look at the camera and smile at the same time. It’s a full-on workout physically and verbally as you make all sorts of ridiculous sounds to get them to look your way. Clearly, I should have brought treats instead!

These moments would be great on video; I almost don’t feel like the pictures do it justice. It doesn’t quite capture the experience of behind the scenes of the work that went into these family pictures.

Something Old, Something New

One of the coolest parts of my job is being able to shoot at so many different locations—all of them stunning in their own way. I’d never heard of the Sunshine Ranch before I met Katie and Darcy, but I was so excited to find this sweet, tucked away, hidden gem. The ranch itself is newer and positively darling, but it also has an old historic barn right across the street! Can I get a hallelujah from the photographers? We look for this kind of place that’s dripping with character everywhere we go, because a stellar and unique backdrop is a photographer’s dream, the icing on the cake!

You Are Never Too Big to Swing on a Swing

One of my favorite moments as I photographed these two was when both Katie and Darcy got on this huge swing that was hanging down from one of the trees at the venue. It was right in the middle of all the tables that had been set out for the reception, so it wasn’t exactly ideal for swinging and taking photos, but my second shooter, the extraordinary Kailey, helped us get everything cleared away, guests and tables alike, so that we could capture that perfect moment. Thank you, Kailey!

And somehow, Katie made swinging in a wedding dress look both youthful and grown-up-girl stunning! I think there always should be a little girl (or boy) in all of us that we never let go, and I loved that both Katie and Darcy were willing to be free and go swinging.

My Quote for Katie & Darcy:

"Be in love with your life. Every minute of it." - Jack Kerouac

You shared a love for life and each other on your wedding day that permeated everything you touched, and I know you will carry this into your marriage and journey together. Life is short, sweet, wild and crazy, hard, and beautiful, and each minute is worth finding a way to love. I wish you two the very best and look forward to seeing you again!