Kelli and Ryan were married on August 19th, with a ceremony and reception at Silvara Winery in Leavenworth, Washington.

Happy Tears

You know when you cry happy, heart-filling tears at both the wedding and the photography editing session afterward that you were part of something special. Kelli and Ryan literally light up every room that they walk into—and I could see that even from the handful of emails in the course of planning the wedding before I met them in-person. 

Kelli has one of the most expressive souls I have ever met! She greets you with exuberance and never stops. Even though Ryan is quieter, he has a strength about him that shines through in intimate connections. Their bond was beautiful to watch throughout the day as they became husband and wife.

Never Have I Ever

In almost 15 years of shooting weddings, I have never had a bride literally scream out her joy as she walked down the aisle to her knight in shining armor! She was shouting in joy and excitement, though I think I heard a few nervous squeals as well. ;) It was a delight to watch, and I wished I could capture the sound in a still image. You can certainly get the feel of the emotion flowing from her in that moment, but things like this are why a videographer is a good investment.

In Love with a Pup

Kelli’s dog, Bella, absolutely stole the show. Bella has Kelli’s full heart and is her “baby girl,” and she was a centerpiece to the day as the Dog of Honor. There was no place Kelli and Ryan went that Bella wasn’t right by their side, a sweet and faithful companion. The lovely and talented Jordan Moll, who just happens to be Kelli’s best friend, designed a special, hand-crafted collar for Bella that day.

Boys Do Cry

It’s such a myth that boys don’t cry, and especially that they shouldn’t cry with their daddies. As a mama to two young boys, I want nothing more than for them to have strength and a fighting spirit so they can be tough and courageous, but that strength is so much more than showing your muscles and being the brave one. Sometimes, the tears need to flow, and that openness in itself is a form of strength and courage.

During the family photos, as we were taking individual shots of Ryan with his mother and father, somewhere in the mix, you could see Ryan fighting back tears standing there with his dad. Dad quickly followed with his own tears, and now, I’m literally crying as I write this because I remember that moment so deeply. I can’t help but think about how much I love my boys. I love that boys cry—you are mightier because of it!

My Quote for Kelly & Ryan

"To live vibrantly is to be connected with others, and to be deeply connected in your spirit" - Carla McClellan

Kelli & Ryan, you two are living vibrantly! It shows in everything you do, because just in the short time that I have known you, I felt it. It was a joy and an honor to watch the connection between you two lovebirds. I REALLY do hope we get a chance to pop that bottle of wine and get to know each other more!! I wish you two the very, very best. This is not the last you will see of me . . . whether you like it or not. ;)


Venue - Silvara Vineyards

Florist - Jordan Moll Event

DJ - Showbiz Northwest

Party Rentals - Cort Party Rental

Catering: Max Dales Steak and Chop House 

Hair - Hair By Jessica (Sugey Salon) 

Make-up : Kenya Bailey (@kenya.bailey24)

Wedding dress - Belltown Bride

Second Shooter – Kailey, from Kaily Shakespear photography