Holli and Mark were wed on August 11 with a ceremony and reception at the Alpine Ponds Event Center in Meridian, ID.

A Friendship Strengthened through Healthy Competition

My couples find me in all sorts of ways. A venue recommendation, from a friend whom I've had the honor of capturing their day in the past, from other vendors in the industry, and of course-- our trusty friend Google. The days are past for me (at least for the most part) of having friends who are getting married, so when I get the chance to celebrate with a friend who is getting married, it's a special treat. 

Holli and I met in a little ol' Boot Camp class about 7 years ago. She fired up my competitive spirit as she was super strong, fast, and capable. All I wanted to do was try to beat her at whatever exercise we were attempting.  She pretty much beat me every time, but I kept trying... and what's fun is now I'm the boot camp instructor for this class. And I get to yell at her… I mean, encourage her to jump higher and run faster! ;)

Our friendship grew outside of the rivalry we had, and we have shared many good conversations through some of life’s ups and downs. And, in short, this takes us to this moment. 

A Perfect Match: 

Holli and Mark met through a family match-maker (not by trade-- just by knowing they might be the perfect match). Low and behold: they were! Their wedding day was a celebration of bringing family and close friends together. What makes them even more of an amazing duo is they are a blended family who now has 7 kids under their roof. Oh my! Quite frankly, I have two and can barely see straight most days, so I tip my hat to them at the wonderful job they are doing. And their bravery! haha.

A little dirty dancing:

Here is a hint: "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" ;)

Holli and Mark spent several weeks leading up to the wedding going to dance lessons, but never shared what they were planning for their big day. They started out their first dance just as most people do: with his arms around her waist and hers around his neck. But about a minute in, the song changed its tune and suddenly you hear...

"Now I… had the time of my life..." 

Well, no surprises here. Dirty dancing it was! They did a beautiful rendition of the final dance in the Dirty Dancing movie. Holli even did the leap into his arms. That's trust!

Full House:

Usually family photos are hectic and can feel overwhelming, especially for the couple. Honestly, it’s a little bit like herding cats. No one seems to be where they should be, there are distractions around every corner… it just is what it is. And it’s the same every time! So don't be surprised if this is what your family does when it comes your wedding day. 

And it was no different with Holli and Mark and their family. The sweetness for me came in watching their now 7 kids bundled together, interacting like kids do. You know… snuggling up and saying I love you? Haha, don’t we all wish? 

They were poking each other, saying "stop touching me,” making faces, wiggling, closing their eyes, turning their heads in the wrong direction, and so on. But, I loved how they all came together as a new unit, ready to make new memories together and loving on their parents just simply by being present... and even smiling for a few photos ;) 

Families are crazy, there is no such thing as normal, so embracing it (or at least doing your best to) is the greatest gift you can give yourself and your family. I felt like this is what they were giving to each other and it shows in their photos. 

Let's do Push-ups: 

Don't worry, I won't make you do push-ups at your wedding, though I might be tempted ;) But with my history with Holli I knew we couldn't get through the day without doing a few push-ups. I mean why not, its just like any other day, right?! Holli was such a good sport. 

She got down in her pretty white dress, and I in my own dress and you guessed it: we did some push-ups. And somehow, she still managed to look stunningly gorgeous! 


A note and Quote for the couple: 

Holli, thank you for always pushing me to run just a little faster and jump higher. But more than that, thank you for our talks, for sharing your heart and some of your journey, and listening to mine. I wish you two the very best in your Brady Bunch journey. ;) It was meant to be! 

"Second chances are not given to make things right. But are given to prove that we could do better even after we fall." -Unknown

This is a truth that I believe all of us need, life is full of second chances for different reasons and circumstances. You both have been given the gift of another chance, a chance to find true greatness and I can already see it unfolding. 

Wedding Day Details

Wedding Coordinator - Major Events - Jamie

Florist - Major Events

Cake = Small Cakes

DJ - VCI Audio Entertainment