I met up with Landry on September 10th for her senior session at the Bruneau Sand Dunes Sate Park in Mountain Home, Idaho.

A Little Something Different

If you have been following my blog or have perused my website, you’ve probably noticed by now that wedding photography is my main gig. But I have to tell you a little secret: I think photographing high school seniors is a very close second, if not right up there with the wonder of weddings.

I have loved all things weddings (besides my sore back and feeling like I got hit by a Mack truck the next day!) and feel like I am blessed that they are a part of me. Over the years, though, I have been able to photograph a number of senior sessions as well, though I never sought them out. 

But sweet Miss Landry has forever changed my mind! I absolutely, hands down, adore photographing seniors. It’s an opportunity to capture a beautiful time of transition in life—one of the most unique and defining times in our lives. At that age, you’ve lived under your family’s roof and have come to understand what family is. You’ve experienced all the fun, crazy, wonderful parts of growing up as a kid—but now, things are about to get real! You get to wander out on your own, explore new horizons, and experience new peaks and valleys of life. You blink and it passes by, so you have to drink down every moment that you can—live full, love passionately, and be bold!

Capturing Magic

I chose the dunes as our backdrop without having been there myself, but I could see the magic just from a few images online. I knew this would be the perfect spot for Landry, with her beautiful, blonde hair framing her blue eyes. She has a flare for a little bit of BoHo chic and hats, hats, hats—so this was definitely the right location for her.

We had a blast setting the backdrop of the dunes, which were an adventure all by themselves. We were faced with a steep, sandy climb to get halfway up the dunes, which meant that Landry; her mother, Jerilynn; and I had to pull each other hand-over-hand up the dunes, all while carrying clothing, hats, bags, and camera gear! It was pretty hilarious, but totally worth it.

My quote for Landry: 

"And this is the part where you find out who you really are...." -unknown

It's not an epic quote in the number of words, but it does carry a lot of power. You have endless opportunities lying before you, waiting to be discovered, and layers of who you are to be peeled back. I'm so excited for what the future holds for you!!