Jenny and Galen were married on October 1st, with a ceremony and reception at Galen’s family property out in Payette, ID.

While I love every wedding I get to be part of, this one has an extra special place in my heart because Jenny has been a friend of mine for years. I met her about 6 or 7 years ago when I was on the hunt for a new hair stylist—you know it’s important to fill that role with just the right person! Our connection was immediate, and over the years of me sitting in her chair while we shared with each other all the ins and outs of our lives, we have grown a true friendship.

This genuine, beautiful, honest, sweet soul has gotten me through so many ups and downs, but it was when she reconnected with Galen after years of going in separate directions that I knew she’d found something that was meant to be. I think I even knew before she did. ;) While they were dating, Jenny would always share how special she felt whenever she was with him, and my heart would overflow with joy for her.

When he finally popped the question and she said yes, she then turned around and popped the “Will you be my photographer” question on me—and I said, “OF COURSE!” It’s always one of the greatest honors of my life when a friend asks me to capture their special day like that.

One of the Sweetest Moments:

We drove to the very top of the family farm property, which stretches for miles and looks over the river, for the first look. It was absolutely gorgeous! Galen stood on the edge of forever as Jenny approached him from a distance, and there was so much emotion wrapped in that one moment. As Galen turned around, the tears fell for Jenny, and behind my camera, I was crying as well for their overwhelming joy and excitement—as well as a deep sigh of relief that they were finally doing this. It had been a long time coming!

Most Memorable Moment:

We drove the long and bumpy road up to the property in a beat-up truck with Jenny—yes, the bride!—at the wheel. She made it look so easy, as if this was just a normal, everyday activity—which it was, except for the fact that she was all done up in a gorgeous wedding gown.

The drive was so worth it, too. The view was breathtaking, and the wheat-colored hills went for miles, making for one incredible backdrop. To top it off, the whole wedding party made the trek—complete with background music that boomed out of their car for part of the shoot and made it so fun! I wish I could have background music at all my shoots; maybe I’ll start bringing a speaker with me on my hip. ;)

Classic Moment:

So many of the shots of Jenny and Galen reflected a timeless, classic sort of feeling, but one of my favorites is a shot of Jenny’s mom and her sister trying to get Jenny’s daughter dressed. It perfectly captured the feeling of togetherness for the day!

Quote for the Couple:
"LIVE every moment, LAUGH every day, LOVE beyond words." -Unknown