Engagements go by so quickly (just like everything else), it's an important time to create lasting memories. Honestly, it's one of the sweetest times in life and every drop of it should be cherished and enjoyed. But some of that can get lost in the busy, in the hectic, in the planning, in the trying to stay on top of school or work a full time job.  An engagement session is the perfect way to take a deep breath together, to laugh together, to be romantic, and most of all to get it captured so you can relive this time over and over and over again as the years pass.  

Tori and Robbie contacted me only about a week and a half ago to do an engagement session for them while Robbie is here in Boise on an internship for the summer.  They are both going to school in Flagstaff, Arizona and getting married this August.  I'm so glad they contacted me and made the time to capture this special time for both of them.

Thank you Tori and Robbie for trusting me - I know you were nervous Tori ;) but you guys warmed up quickly to your first paparazzi style shoot (it's overwhelming to be in front of the camera that much when you typically take one and done!) It's evident how joy filled you both are in taking this life journey together.  All my very best to you both!

"The goal is to laugh forever with someone you take serious" :)