I met up with Holli and Mark for a June engagement session at the Old Idaho Penitentiary in Boise. 

I’m always honored when anyone asks me to capture their love, joy, and unity—but it’s extra special when it’s a friend. Holli and I met year ago in a boot camp class and have been friends ever since. We both have a bit of a competitive streak, so the whole time we were in that class, we did everything in our power to beat each other out. Who can jump higher? Who can run faster? Who can lift heavier weights? We were always looking to outdo each other—though now that I am the boot camp instructor, I get to yell at her and tell her to jump higher! ;)

To this day, we still compete with each other. Now, it’s more than a desire to get physically stronger; it’s about strengthening our hearts and souls. Since we first met, we have both been through our shares of ups and downs—but what matters most is that we have both been able to be there for each other. She is a sweet and spunky spirit in my life, and I am so, so excited to see her happy.

This whole engagement session was filled with laughter—no surprises there! But I think my favorite moment was when Holli and Mark were in the field with sunlight hugging them from every angle as they laughed and allowed themselves to just be silly with each other. Moments like that fill my heart cup up. Every relationship needs laughter and silliness—always—so it’s great to see it with someone that I care for.

Holli & Mark, thank you for asking me to be your engagement & wedding photographer. Mark, I can’t thank you enough for putting a smile on my friend’s face and filling her with such joy. And Holli, I love seeing this new love filling your heart. I can’t wait to celebrate with you on August 11th!